VoIP - Pay As You Go

VoIP Express is a single extension system. This is our basic package and is a hosted Voice over IP service designed for single user environments. Each VoIP Express account includes one UK geographical or non geographical (0845, 0870 Etc) number. You can select your preferred area code and telephone number at the point of signing up to the service.

VoIP Express, What does it include? In addition to one UK geographical or non geographical number, VoIP Express also provides all essential call features as below:

Web-based VoIP Express User Portal – This is an online portal where you can manage your VoIP Express account. This is a very easy way to manage a VoIP account as you are able to edit your call features wherever you are. All call features can be edited on the User Portal and any changes made on the portal are updated immediately.

Voicemail – One voicemail is included in the VoIP Express account. You can retrieve voicemail from your phone, by email (voicemail will be delivered to a designated email address as a WAV file) and from the VoIP Express User Portal where you can listen to and download the voicemail file.

Anonymous Call Rejection – You can activate this feature if you do not want to receive any calls without CLI presentation (number withheld)

Caller ID withheld – You can hide Your VoIP telephone numbers for your outgoing calls so that recipients do not see the your VoIP telephone number.

Call Forwarding – You can forward incoming calls to a different telephone number via the User Portal. A standard VoIP Express call charge applies when a call is forwarded to a chargeable outgoing telephone number.

Black List – This is a call screening facility that allows you to block unwanted incoming calls. All incoming calls from the numbers on a your black list will be blocked or diverted to a voicemail. You can manage your black list on the User Portal by simply adding the telephone numbers to the list.

White List – This is an advanced Do-Not-Disturb feature. If the white list feature is activated and there is no number on the white list, then all incoming calls to your VoIP number will be blocked or diverted to voicemail (similar to Do-Not-Disturb feature). However, if this feature is activated with telephone numbers added to the white list, then the system will allow incoming calls from these white list numbers only. This is particularly useful when you wish to receive important calls even under Do-Not-Disturb mode.

SMS – The VoIP Express account enables you to receive SMS text messages on your VoIP Express telephone numbers. If an SMS is sent to a your VoIP Express account, your phone will ring and the message will be played back when the phone is picked up. You can also send SMS texts to a mobile number via the User Portal. Outgoing text messages are charged at 10p per text.

Tariff Checker – You can check the tariff for a destination by simply entering the first few digits of the destination telephone numbers into the online Tariff Checker. This is a useful tool which customers can use to check the charge for a call before they make it.

Real-time call data – All call information including received calls, missed calls and outgoing calls are available on the User Portal in real-time for information and monitoring purposes.

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