Home Allowance

Family Allowance come with a variety of tariffs for monthly usage and a fully un-metered off-peak.

Peak times for these packages are from 8am until midnight, off-peak is midnight until 8am weekdays and all weekend. Off peak usage is not metered. Top ups are available for purchase for just £10.38 for 10GB top up. Top ups do not expire. If your exchange is 21cn enabled then this package comes with the higher 21cn speeds (ADSL2+).
Available tariffs.
Family 1 - Monthly charge £14.56 with 1GB monthly peak time allowanc

Family 3 - Monthly charge £16.64 with 3GB monthly peak time allowance
Family 30 - Monthly charge £19.78 with 30GB monthly peak time allowance
Family 60 - Monthly charge £30.20 with 60GB monthly peak time allowance
Family 90 - Monthly charge £40.64 with 90GB monthly peak time allowance
Family 120 - Monthly charge £51.02 with 120GB monthly peak time allowance
Going away for a month? request a tariff change to a lower allowence for that month and save £'s, changes take place on billing date and take 7 days to process, so remember to make a tariff change request at least a week in advance. Tariff changes are also possible to the Family 1 through to 120 with no extra charge.

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