Business Allowance

Office packages come with a variety of flavours for the peak time usage for each month. Office 15 comes with 15GB of monthly peak time allowance and Office 45 with 45GB monthly allowance and so on.

Peak times for these packages are from 8am until 8pm, off peak is 8pm until 8am weekdays and all weekend. Off peak usage is not metered. Top ups are available for purchase for just £9.95 for 10GB top up. Top ups do not expire. If your exchange is 21cn enabled then this package comes with the higher 21cn speeds (ADSL2+).

Available tarrifs.

Office 15 - Monthly charge £19.75 with 15GB monthly peak time allowance

Office 45 - Monthly charge £25.75 with 45GB monthly peak time allowance

Office 90 - Monthly charge £36.75 with 90GB monthly peak time allowance

Office 135 - Monthly charge £46.75 with 135GB monthly peak time allowance

Office 180 - Monthly charge £56.75 with 180GB monthly peak time allowance

Tariff change is free and take place on the next billing date so long as we have 7 days notice before the billing date. Tariff changes can also be made to the office 15 - 180 packages free of charge.

Prices not including VAT

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