VoIP - SIP Trunks

Sip trunks are charged per channel, (how many calls you can make or receive, the same as a phone line) SIP trunks are sold on an unlimited calls package (subject to a fair usage - see our support FAQs for details)

You order the number of SIP channels you need, each trunk enabling you to carry one call at a time.

DDIs: You can also order UK DDI numbers, each services comes with one DDI, firther numbers can be ordered at a monthly cost of £0.80 per month.

These numbers can be used for receiving incoming calls on and can also be the presenting telephone numbers from the trunk when making outgoing calls.

SIP trunks have a cost of £10 per month + VAT with unlimited UK calls (subject to fair usage) you can have as many SIP trunks as you like with as many different numbers as required.

you can add and unlimited calls bolt on for all EU, USA/Canada and Australia calls

We can even arrange for Premium UK Geographical numbers if required, please contact us for details.

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